My college experience is very special and unique.

From 2013 to 2020, I got to experience four universities in three different countries. I changed my major three times, from sociology to psychology and psychology to economics (which I am truly in love with!) It may seem as if I have been “drifting,” my goal was clear – to learn about the world and to study the subject through which I can offer the most values to the world. Looking back, I know that I wouldn’t be able to have all these fascinating experiences if I didn’t have the privilege of being a student.

Tufts University, Medford MA
Master of Science in Economics, 2018-2020

At Tufts, I focused on building my expertise in economic research. The program challenged me (yes, I did cry once in that beautiful building!), but I am grateful that I came out with solid knowledge and skills, which I know would be invaluable throughout my career.

Boston University, Boston MA
Bachelor of Arts in Economics, 2016-2017

Since I was a transfer student, I attended Boston University only for about two years. However, my experience was still wholesome: I found out what I really wanted to study and decided to pursue a research career as participating in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program two times. To me, those two constitute successful college experience!

University of British Columbia Vancouver BC, Canada
Study Abroad Program, 2015

I had extremely busy semesters throughout my freshman and sophomore years, so I focused on building healthy habits such as working out, eating healthy, and going to bed early :). The beauty of Vancouver is truly unforgettable and want to visit there again.

Korea University, Seoul, South Korea
Sociology and Economics, 2013-2015

Freshmen Representative of Sociology Department (2014)

Korea University was my “dream” college for its “traditional” yet innovative atmosphere. Its efforts to help students to be a true global leader are admiring, and I kick-started my global experience because I was a student here. It was very, very hard for me to leave the university, but I knew I would “come back” and give back one day.

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