A Place to Take Root is a self-help memoir documenting my lessons learned as a newcomer in America.
It is now available everywhere that sells books!
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As one of the few memoirs written from the perspective of an international student, the book delves into the following topics:

  • Identifying mental health challenges that accompany moving to a new country 
  • Embracing language and communication insecurities
  • Overcoming the sense of otherness or incompetence
  • Finding one’s voice and identity

International students face increasing social, financial, cultural, and political uncertainty—oftentimes alone. A Place to Take Root is a compassionate message to international students who seek to thrive while far from home. Kim’s lived experiences can help you normalize your experiences, become rooted wherever you are, and bravely face uncertainty.

“Kim’s heartfelt words will strike a chord with all immigrants and people of the diasporawho have been drawn to the American Dream and consequently have had to reconcile theirexperiences with the reality of belongingness in the United States. The candor with whichKim discusses her journey reminds us to courageously pursue our dreams, roots, and anunderstanding of ourselves, no matter where our journey eventually leads us.”

– Alex Rivera (Psychologist, Director of Lotus Psychotherapy, Author of Intersectional Other)
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