Extracurricular Activities


  • Korean Delegate, Korea-America Student Conference. Washington DC and 4 other states. (July 2015)
  • Executive Member, Korea University Buddy Assistant Program, Korea University. (Jan-May 2015)
  • Volunteer, Korea University Buddy Assistant Program, Korea University. (Sept-Dec 2014)
  • English Mentor, Samsung Dream Class. (June-Aug, 2014)

One of the reasons that I strongly advocate education for all is that it fosters safe environments where students can learn to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. It is also where people are most willing to invest in you in the form of scholarship and opportunities.

Korea-America Student Conference (KASC) offered amazing learning and cultural-exchange opportunities. We visited businesses, government agencies and universities across four states in the U.S. At the end of the program, we presented our thoughts on current international affairs.

With KASC Family
California State University, Sacramento CA
502The State Capitol of California
Sacramento, CA
With KASC Family
Washington D.C.
Library of the Congress with KASC
Washington D.C.
With My Team of Ladies
Pittsburg, PA

Korea University Buddy Assistant program is a student-led organization that helps exchange students make the best out of their study abroad experience at Korea University. As a volunteer and executive member, I had all the fun in the world going sightseeing, playing sports, and eating delicious food!

With My “Buddies” at Gyeongbokgung Palace
Seoul, Korea
With My Korean Members
Seoul, Korea
With KUBA Executive Members
Seoul, Korea
With My Group on the Field Day
Seoul, Korea

Samsung Dream Class is a program designed to promote learning opportunities for students from low-income households by connecting them with mentors. The students and mentors camped in a dormitory for a month! It was a beautiful experience to get to know young students in and outside of the classroom. I also led a choir for the farewell event! šŸ™‚

With Student Teachers in One Random Morning
Seoul, Korea
My Students and Teachers on the Farewell Day
Seoul, Korea

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