Yujin proved herself to be a hard worker and an extraordinary achiever. She completed her tasks ahead of schedule and set high standards for the remainder of her co-workers. She was accurate and thorough with all tasks, completing assignments on time, using resources effectively while seeking to make improvements to her performance and knowledge as well as to the overall operations of the team. Her willingness to shift her workload to accommodate business needs is inspiring. 

I highly recommend Yujin as her willingness to learn new tasks and assist wherever needed was uplifting.  She accepted change and difficult assignments willingly. She took initiative to investigate solutions to problems and reached out to co-workers to assist with their workload after completing her own tasks. She is a valuable worker with a positive attitude and strong work ethic. 

I was fortunate to develop a friendship with Yujin during our work time at Stop and Shop; she is a kind, intelligent, and capable woman. Yujin would be one of my first choices to work on any team I led.

Sarah Brown at Stop & Shop, Inc. (Supervisor)

Research Skills

Yujin Kim is a dynamic and talented researcher, with a strong background in economic theory and econometrics. During the academic year 2019-20, as a master’s student at Tufts, she wrote an original thesis, where she used the case of Korea as an informative natural experiment. She estimated the effects of political alliances on bilateral trade flows, and showed how such effects vary across the two different political regimes. As her thesis advisor, I have been impressed by her ability to tackle important empirical questions, at the intersection of trade and political economy, with consistent determination, energy, and creativity.

Dr. Enrico Spolaore at Tufts University Economics Department (Thesis Advisor)


Feedback from Students in International Economics (Fall 2019)
Feedback from Students in International Economics (Spring 2020)

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